OUR Scallops

What are they?

We harvest two wild species of scallops, Pink and Spiny scallops, found off of Vancouver Island, BC.  They are also commonly known as 'Swimming', 'Pink', or 'Singing' scallops. They are significantly smaller than the species commonly eaten.  They have a beautiful and colourful shell, measuring up to 8 cm (3 in.) across.

Like muscles or clams, our scallops are sold in the shell, and can be eaten cooked or raw.  The whole animal is eaten, as opposed to just the the ‘adductor’ muscle like most scallops.  The size of the meat ranges from about the diameter of a nickel to a loonie.



Why are they superior scallops? 

Despite their smaller size, these scallops are bursting with flavour.  Susan Herrmann Loomis wrote in her New York Times article that, "Pink scallops, which have a more complex flavor than sea scallops on the East Coast, are less aggressively sweet and they are balanced by a pleasant, oyster-like brininess as well as a nutty flavor usually associated with clams.  At certain times during the year a small, bright orange or golden egg sac wraps around the mussel, which adds a firm, textured dimension to the natural tenderness, and accentuates its nutty flavor.” 

What makes our scallops different?


  • Our scallops are wild, not farmed.

  • Our scallops may be small but they are bursting with flavour.  They are eaten whole; raw or cooked.

  • Our scallops are guaranteed to be live when caught, as they have to be swimming to be caught in our nets.  This means that all our scallops are edible, and even those that do not open when cooked can be safely eaten.

  • Our scallops are brought into the processing plant live and then flash frozen.  The method of freezing prevents them from sticking together allowing you to easily take out what you want to cook, leaving the rest frozen.

  • These scallops are also harvested in the US, but are exclusively sold live.  Live scallops are very perishable, with a maximum shelf life of 3 days.  Our scallops are flash frozen live, providing a shelf life of up to one year when kept in a deep freezer (-18 °C or 0 °F).

  • Scallops have recently re-entered the market in the western US and are quickly becoming a delicacy in fine-dining restaurants.  They are being considered the “rarest commercial seafood in the world” (as per Gena Wynkoop in a Seattle Refined article).

  • Our scallops have a stunning and colourful shell.  They are an ideal platform for serving at the table.  They can also be scrubbed clean and kept for display.

  • The overall management of the fishery and the style of fishing gear makes our harvesting method sustainable and environmentally friendly.  The trawl design won a Romeo La Blanc Award in 2003 for responsible fishing.  We are a proud partner of the Ocean Wise seafood program and our scallops are recommended by Ocean Wise. 

How to cook them? 

Head to our Recipes tab for some great recipes and cooking methods.  Also take a look at our "Delicious Dish Gallery" on the Photo Galleries tab for more ideas.  

Courtenay, BC

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